Monday, August 31, 2015

The Either/Or Game

The Either/Or Game
Have you ever played the either/or game? It’s a simple game composed of asking questions such as: Which flavor ice cream do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla? Would you rather go on a vacation to the mountains or the ocean? Which team do you like, the Dodgers or the Giants? It’s fun to play because you learn something about the people you’re playing with and often there is a lot of discussion about the choices and why one of the choices is so obviously the better choice. 

Jesus posed a similar kind of “either/or” scenario to the crowds, but it was not intended to be a game or looked upon as merely lively banter. He wasn’t asking what kind of dessert they preferred- figs or dates? He said, “…he who is not with me is against me.”  This either/or statement had (and still has) an eternal answer. Your response to this statement reveals where and how you will spend eternity. It is without a doubt the most important choice you will ever make. You are either with Jesus or against Jesus. There is no middle ground. There isn’t a third choice. Which will it be?

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