Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The List

The List

A friend gave me a book called “11,002 Things to Be Miserable About”.  It consists of page after page of things that are humorous and not so humorous such as:

Rotten bananas
Bats that get stuck in your hair
Burnt toast
Running out of oxygen at the top of Mt Everest

Some of the things listed are laugh out loud topics and some things give me pause, but it’s the things not mentioned that truly make me feel miserable. 
Things like:
The lost perishing without making Jesus the Lord of their lives,
The gospel being against to law in certain countries,
Prayer being banned in public schools,
Not being allowed to display a nativity scene in a public place.

To someone else, is my list as trivial as the one that lists “split ends”, “bridezillas”, and “road rage”?

We all have our own personal lists of upsetting things. The crucial question is, what to do about it? Maybe I can’t do much about my own list but one thing I can do is put it to prayer because if there IS something I can and should do, God will reveal it.  Then the next question is- will I obey?

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