Friday, August 21, 2015

Printer Wisdom

Printer Wisdom

I was printing a document this morning and opted to do the printing on both sides, using pages with pre-punched holes. I had many opportunities to mess this up such as:

1) Putting the paper into the printer the wrong way,
2) Peeking too soon to see if the back was done,
3) Nudging the paper to try and make it feed faster causing it to then jam,

4) Typing in the wrong page numbers thereby printing the wrong pages in the wrong order,

5) Printing way too many of the wrong pages before finding the STOP button,

6) Running out of paper because of all the mistakes resulting in a trip to the store,

7) When the paper would get hung up and would buckle, I’d help it along which REALLY messed things up! When I kept my hands off, it fixed itself… that’s where God came onto the scene.

Every time I would peek, nudge, not pay attention, or interfere, my project got off track. When I’d focus, letting it work itself out and take my hands off of it, things went swimmingly well!

God whispered to me, “There’s a lesson here.”

Do you hear it?

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