Friday, August 7, 2015

Consider The Lilies

An orange lily with brown and yellow spots sprang up seemingly overnight in our dry, overgrown, crabgrass infested parking strip. Where on earth did it come from? How could I not have seen it coming? The next question was what to do with it? My husband discovered it when he was mowing. He painstakingly maneuvered around it and when he did, it stood out all the more- majestic, bold, and confident.

Carefully digging it out, I carried it to my garden in the back yard, choosing a suitable location for it to continue blooming.  Hopefully it will be fruitful and multiply. It certainly will have companionship with my other blooming things.

As I dug the hole and watered it, the Lord said to me, “This is just like you.”  Tears formed in my eyes. Once I also grew in a weedy patch unnoticed and when the time was right, God dug me up and transplanted me into fertile soil with other beautiful believers around me. Isn’t that just like God?

So the word for today is: grow, lovely lilies. He has saved you from the pit and deposited you among other beautiful, blooming things.

“Consider the lilies…” Luke 12:27

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