Saturday, August 8, 2015



Hey you!

Come closer to the screen because I am going to whisper something in your ear….are you ready?

Are you listening?


Just for today….

Is it possible that you could stop yakkity yakking so much and just listen?

Listen to your husband.

Listen to your wife.

Listen to your children.

Listen to your neighbor.

Listen to your own voice talking in your head.

Listen to the wind.

Listen to the sound of the seasons rushing by so quickly.

Listen to the birds who are always there, but you’re so busy talking and crashing about that you miss their calls.

Shut off the TV and your phone and listen to the silence.

Listen to the spinning of the planets.

Listen to the sound of your own breath whooshing in and out.

Listen to the hummmmm of silence because it is in that silence that God speaks.

Sometimes God speaks in a whisper, you know.

How can you hear Him when your own voice is so loud?

Allow His voice and His voice alone to be music to your ears.

Will you?

Can you?

Try it.

I’ll try it too.

I double dog dare you.

Just for today.