Wednesday, August 26, 2015



My tennis bag is really heavy. I’m ready for runny noses, dry skin, headaches, blazing sun, and sore muscles.  I carry extra racquets, socks, underwear (it’s true), three sets of sunglasses, Band-Aids, knee and wrist braces, lipstick, a can of balls, and two kinds of mosquito repellant. I stockpile stuff to be prepared and to feel confident when I go out to play.

I didn’t realize that collecting all this stuff was an attempt to control life on the courts so that nothing bad could or would happen. But something bad did happen. I broke a tendon running for a ball. At that point, there wasn’t anything I could pull out of my bag for help. What I needed was faith that God would be with me, and He was. I needed His strength and calming ways, which was there in a heartbeat.

It’s good to be prepared, but preparing spiritually is key.  I’ve learned that stockpiling faith experiences to pull out in times of crisis sustain me way more than anything I could physically pull out of a bag.

Build up your faith like it is a bank account. It’ll pay off when a crisis comes your way.

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