Tuesday, June 9, 2015


A mighty warrior knows and believes who they are in Christ Jesus. The problem lies in the fact that we have bought into the LIES that the world, our families, society, our friends, the church, or that even we have told ourselves through the years.  It's time for some truth telling.


Truth #2
Who you believe yourself to be is the key to everything!


Truth #3
It seems as if we have two identities: 1) How I am known on this earth (procrastinator/sarcastic/lazy) and 2) How I am known by God in heaven (righteousness of Christ/head and not the tail/redeemed/joint heir with Christ). Graham Cooke teaches that how we are known on earth is our personality and how we are known in heaven is our persona. Technically speaking, we cannot be both.


Truth #4
Jesus had a perfect grasp of who He was. He reads in the temple from Isaiah 61- "'I am anointed, the binder of broken hearts, I set the captives free, I comfort those who mourn.'" 
He lives within you, right? What He did, you can do. What He thinks, you can think.  You have the mind of Christ. God lives within you. Access Him moment to moment. You are becoming more and more like Him. The more you rely on Him within you, the more like Him you become. That's truth right there!


Truth #5
Many of us use our circumstances to interpret the prophetic. For instance, I have often heard Christians say things like: "I'll probably drop down dead of a heart attack because my mother and my grandmother did." That is speaking about CIRCUMSTANCES.  How does it slam up against the prophetic word: "By HIs stripes I am healed"?
We must start learning to use the PROPHETIC WORD (I am an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony) to alter and affect the circumstances in your life! 


Truth #6
When you refuse to walk in God's truth and start speaking and acting from the perspective of your earthly persona (victim mentality), does God listen or sympathize with that? Rarely!


Truth #7
Notice in Judges 6, that Gideon dares to counter God with excuses and remarks stemming from his personality and not from his persona. God said He was with him. Gideon questions that. God says Gideon is a mighty warrior. He didn't feel like one. When Gideon says God has abandoned His people, God counters with this: "GO IN THE STRENGTH YOU HAVE...AM I NOT SENDING YOU?" More banter follows and not once does God deal with Gideon's personality flaws. He only restates the truth: Peace! Do not be afraid. Go with the strength you have. I am sending you. I will be with you. You will strike them all down! 
God has already spoken victory over you. Now walk in it.


Truth #8
Graham Cooke says that God ALWAYS looks at you and addresses you by your heavenly persona. Your weaknesses or shortcomings are places where you simply need more of God.