Friday, July 31, 2015

Heads and Feet

Heads and Feet

During a baseball game on TV, the commentator said that where the pitcher’s foot landed would determine where the ball goes. The video footage showed the changes the pitcher had made from one inning to the next, and it was true! One correction and he was back throwing strikes. I found that fascinating!  It reminded me of something a ski instructor told me: “Where your head turns and where you look is where you will go”. Sure enough- if I looked to my right, my skis and body followed. If I looked left, everything followed in that direction.

How does this translate into a spiritual application?

I’ll answer that with some questions: Where are you looking, and where are your feet going today? Are you turning your head toward things that build you up or tear you down? Where are your feet going as you walk out your life today? Are you walking in holiness or walking according to your own flesh? Where you decide to put your feet and where you allow your head to turn today may be of the upmost importance. It may mean the difference between peace and strife, godliness and sorrow.

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