Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fire Drill

Fire Drill

I was driving past the middle school, and observed not the usual high intensity, energetic sea of youthful humanity that usually floods the streets by my house. What I saw was order and calm. Students were walking in single file. No one was speaking; no one was throwing backpacks around and no one was running. Quiet order prevailed. Then I heard the pulsating horn beeping it’s rhythmic warning. Ah! Fire drill.

Practicing the drill in calm times hopefully will produce this kind of order when extraordinary events occur.

My mind wandered. Have I practiced my own escape route in times of calm so that when a crisis arises, I’ll know what to do?

As to be expected, “extraordinary events” struck. Instead of panic and chaos, when my spirit became overwhelmed, I thought back to the drill I had practiced in calmer times which consists of this:

Get my Bible.
Go to a quiet place.
Meditate on the Word. 
Talk to God and expect a response.

Crisis averted.

Thank you, middle school for such an outstanding visual that translates so nicely into the spiritual realm.

Do you have a plan? Practice it now so you are prepared!

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