Thursday, October 30, 2014

Student Response to the Mighty Warrior Classes-

How  "YOU ARE A MIGHTY WARRIOR", Instructor Marjie McWilliams, Is Helping Me in My Role as 'A Mighty Warrior'.

Over the years I have heard in bible studies and over the pulpit that my identity is in  Christ Jesus.  Why haven't I been able to grasp this fully and hold onto it?  I couldn't seem to take it to my heart.  I am learning head knowledge is different from heart knowledge.  I had head knowledge and I was not fully understanding or receiving Kingdom thinking down into my heart.  Finally, finally, as Graham Cooke's teaching on Kingdom thinking is discussed in our bible study "You Are a Mighty Warrior", I am getting a clearer picture in my mind about my earthly Personality vs. my Heavenly Persona. God ONLY sees us in our Heavenly Persona.  Through this study my focus has shifted over to my Heavenly Persona.  II Cor.4:4 I am a believer, and the light of the Gospel shines in my mind.

 In class we are looking at Gideon's story in Judges Chapter 6.  In the beginning Gideon  sees himself as the weakest of the weak - God sees Gideon as 'A Mighty Warrior'.  Gideon steps out in obedience, smashes his father's idols and after throwing down the fleece, progresses into his role as 'A Mighty Warrior'.  How does this apply to my life?

 I have been seeing myself, like Gideon, in my earthly Persona known as my Personality.  My past experiences, hurts and excuses based on fear have clouded my lens.  I have let them, along with my father's idols define who I am. God has been helping me smash my idols of self will, pride, the need to control, insecurities and fear of man, people pleasing and unhealthy boundaries.  They are being surrendered to Him and no longer define who I am.  I no longer need to throw out the fleece like Gideon did.  I can trust God and be confident when He calls me out to go forward in His will.  No more doubt or fear and excuses.  Clothed in my Heavenly Persona, I can step out immediately in obedience and go in the little strength I have as 'A Mighty Warrior'.  " I am strengthened with all might according to His glorious power." Col. 1:11

One of our study questions asks:  In what way(s) is God moving me into new roles as 'A Mighty Warrior'?   In 2011 God helped me step out of fear and into a Twelve Step study group with Celebrate Recovery at Real Life Church - to work through and find healing from depression, resentment and unforgiveness.   After completing the twelve steps, I again stepped out of fear and shared my life's testimony at an open share meeting, and I would become part of Celebrate Recovery's leadership team.  In sharing my past and exposing my secrets the chains of bondage were broken (smashed idols).  With God's strength and the Holy Spirit's leading, I was able to face my biggest fear of judgment and rejection to receive freedom.  " I always triumph in Christ." II Cor. 2:14.   God has called me to help other women find freedom.   To be bold in my sharing.  To remove any and all masks.  To be totally transparent.  Recently God has called me to writing assignments.   I am stepping out of the boat in faith and going with the little strength I have knowing God sees me as 'A Mighty Warrior'.   

Blessings, Linda McNevin

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