Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Key Points to Remember From Each Week-handout

Each week in class, we have a key point to remember. At the end of class, it will make a strong and powerful confession when read in its totality.

(Each Roman numeral represents that week's study.)

I) Who I am in Christ Jesus-

II) My old excuses for not believing I am a mighty warrior have been:

I counter that with a truth from the list of 100+:__________

III) My father's idols that have affected me in the past have been:___________________________________________

But I am set free from those sinful thoughts! THE PAST DOES NOT OWN ME!
Truth from the list of 100+:__________________________

IV) I acknowledge the need for the Holy Spirit to dwell in me richly. I know the Holy Spirit is alive and well in my life by these signs:______________________________________

V) In the past I have lived my life my way rather than God's way. One situation that is still being run MY way is:________

I now release this, asking for God to run it HIS way.

How I will do this:__________________________________

VI) I promise to spend time this week worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is in worship that He becomes the ruler of my life, and where my problems and battles are won.
While I worship, I will expect God to empower me to face situations in my life with a fresh heart. Here is what He reveals to me as I worship Him this week:

VII) A mighty warrior does not stand alone.

I have formed a partnership with these people:___________

Here is what they have asked me to pray about for them as best I can:_______________________________________

Here is what I am asking them to pray about for me:______

VIII) I will be relentless when it comes to the battle over:___

IX) A mighty warrior worships God alone.

In the past there have been many idols in my life and one that still remains that I have gilded with gold and set up in my own household is: __________________________________

I repent of this sin. I tear it down and declare this day that as for me and my household we will serve and worship God alone.

I declare that this day, I AM a Mighty Warrior who worships God alone.




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