Friday, October 10, 2014

Student Response to Lesson One

One of my students watching online via YouTube is allowing me to post her reaction to the first video!

Feel free to respond if you feel so led.

"Thank you for sharing! I just finished Lesson One.  

My 3 persona  -- how God sees me through His lens of Grace -- that sang to me:
1) I am the Apple of God's Eye
2) I am full of mercy & kindness
3) I am being changed into His image

What have I been rescued from?.... the need to be right.   

What am I rescued to?.... freedom to listen.

What other gods do I have?.... safety... my home, my sanctuary... my own schedule.

Where am I hiding?.... not sure.  Sometimes in 'busy-ness'.     Why am I there?.... the future sometimes scares me."

-Charlotte, Fresno, CA

Those three truths you listed are absolutely true about you, Charlotte. Even though you do not feel that they are true, they are and they are following you wherever you go regardless of how you feel about them.

Look at those three truths as prophetic words spoken over you that you will grow into as you continue in your relationship with God!

Rescued to-"the need to be right"...ah yes. I can identify with this as well. You're correct though- you have been rescued from that and brought into the kingdom of God's dear Son. He will defend you and protect you and make you HIS right-ness.

About your idols-I think that most of our idols in life are similar to the ones you listed. They revolve around ourselves and our own comfort.

As far as the future being something that scares you-certainly! Especially if it is all up to you to control and manage. But praise God! You have all your needs met by God according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. You have the peace that passes ALL understanding. You have a guaranteed inheritance. God has called you out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. 

When I list them like that they sound so cliche or trite. I do not mean them to sound that way but we Christians have thrown these scriptures around so often that they are like old smelly socks. They smell bad and serve no purpose. Unfortunate, isn't it? Because they are powerfully true.

Keep watching. Let's see if any of this turns around for you as you start walking in your heavenly persona.

Thank you so much for sharing so openly with us.


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