Thursday, November 13, 2014

Student Response to Lesson Nine-

My student, Marian Price, from central California reported in with these results on her "running tally" that we kept during these last nine weeks of classes.  Here is what she had to say:

l. Who I am in Christ Jesus-
1)___I am strong in the Lord.
2)__I am healed by the stripes of Jesus
3)__I have put off the old woman and put on the new woman

ll. My Old Excuses for not believing I am a mighty warrior have been: I physically cannot do a lot, so how can I be mighty?

But now I am released from those things in Jesus’ name.

Truth: I am being changed into HIS image!

III. My father’s idols that have affected me in the past have been: I am not worthy or of value. I don't count. Everyone else is more important than me or my needs and issues.

But I am set free from those sinful thoughts! THE PAST DOES NOT OWN ME.

Truth: I am a royal priestess. I am chosen.

IV. I acknowledge the need for the Holy Spirit to dwell in me richly. I know the Holy Spirit is alive and well in my life by these signs: I had a dream during week four's study and God spoke so clearly to me that I was to start walking every day. I can't walk far but I started and during the walking times, I am praying and it has turned into a time where God has shown me so many ways to start with small steps to increase my strength- my physical strength!  I am now walking a half mile and it feels so great. At first it was about a block that I could go but the prayer time is as exciting as the walking time. He speaks to me every day. 

V. In the past I have lived my life my way rather than God’s way. One situation that is still being run MY way is: I use my overweight body as my excuse for not doing or going a lot of places. 

I now release this, asking for God to run it HIS way.

 How I will do this: Keep walking and praying and even if I am very heavy, praise God that my body is His temple and can be repaired!

VI. I promise to spend time this week worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is in worship that He becomes the ruler of my life, and where my problems and battles are won.

While I worship I will expect God to empower me to face situations in my life with a fresh heart. Here is what He reveals to me as I worship Him this week:  Overeating is a way to feed my silent hunger for security, significance, and intimacy. Those things can only be found in Him. Practice stopping and examining my motives for eating.

VII. A mighty warrior does not stand alone.

I have formed a partnership with these people: Charlotte, Mary, and Cindy.

Here is what they have asked me to pray about for them as best I can: Feeling invisible, weight gain, travel plans.

Here is what I am asking them to pray about for me: Staying true to the Thin Within program and not condemning myself for failures.

VIII. I will be relentless when it comes to the battle over: my mind!

IX. A mighty warrior worships God alone.

In the past there have been many idols in my life and one that still remains that I have gilded with gold and set up in my own household is: self medicating with food as rewards and punishments. Food is the golden calf, or golden ephod. It has been everything to me.

I repent of this sin. I tear it down and declare this day that as for me and my household; we will serve and worship God alone.

I declare that this day, that I am a Mighty Warrior who worships God alone.

Amen!  Thank you so much for this class; this blog; the videos so I can stay in touch with you and the lessons.


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