Monday, August 10, 2015

Making The Simple Complex

I thought I knew how to make lemon aide: squeeze lemons; then add some water and sugar until it tastes good. GACK! It was terrible! I needed a recipe, so I went online only to find 554 hits with tips like pouring a brew over bruised mint leaves, using salt to cut the bitterness, adding beets, blueberries, lettuce, or cucumbers. YUCK! Other variations: ginger lemonade, peach, vanilla, strawberry, and chamomile lemonade. Hotly contested is whether or not to make a syrup first by boiling the lemon juice and sugar. I got so bogged down that I almost forgot why I went online in the first place! How could something so simple be made so complicated?

Now for the spiritual principles observed from my wasted hour on the Internet:

The Bible is God’s cookbook for my life. It contains His proven recipes for success. God’s ways are about simplicity and truth that will not bog me down.  His recipes for me end chaos and strife. The ingredients I bring to Him are simply my heart and my life. He then cooks up within me a wondrous fellowship feast for my soul that turns out perfectly every single time. His recipes never fail.

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