Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Testimony from a Real Life Church student!

Hi Marjie,
When you asked me if I wanted to write this, my first thought was,  “No way! I can't write!”  Then I prayed & put my trust in God. I also realized that you could correct, edit- anything before you posted it.

This past week we discussed stepping into the Mighty Warrior role. We may need to "fake it till we make it".  It takes practice. God knows that. He is patient. As we become Mighty Warriors the Holy Spirit works in us.

The question you asked was: "How do you know the Holy Spirit is alive and well? What are the signs?”

Like Gideon, I have lived in fear & defeat….I too have been “the least of all”. 

For 40+ plus years (since I was 14), I have been aware of a period of 6 months with no memory…of complete amnesia. No self-help book or counseling could break through the amnesia. I lived a defeated life.  I was living in hiding right along with Gideon. I kept the Holy Spirit in the cave with me.  Tues night after class I prayed & asked for God's forgiveness. I surrendered EVERYTHING to Him.

That night I had a dream that woke me straight up. I wrote the dream out. Reading it over I realized it was the missing 6 months of my life when I was 14 years old.

I'd been warned by others that the amnesia period was probably too traumatic for my mind to grasp. Amazingly enough, I was not upset by remembering. This time Jesus was standing right there with me as I witnessed what turned out to be much worse than I had imagined.

I got up Wednesday morning and for the first time felt joy beyond anything I'd ever known.

The past couple of days friends & family have commented about the change they have seen in me. They say even my voice/tone is different. Now that is the Holy Spirit working in me! I don't just feel like a Mighty Warrior, I know it!!!!

Another thing we discussed was the question of whether we are living God's way or our own way.  I am a control freak when it comes to money. I worry. I stress... all because of finances. My husband is going to be without his paycheck for 4-6 months for medical reasons. 

Again on Wednesday (I had a great Wednesday this week), my husband called from work. He was super excited. His employer had given him a check for quite a sum. Neither of us had any idea why. Turns out the employer owed him money from an error on his paychecks.  Quietly, I heard God say "Trust me, I can handle all your needs- even your finances."

As a mighty warrior of God I am living His way; letting the Holy Spirit do its job to guide & lead me in God's will.

Thank you for the opportunity to share.


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