Thursday, October 9, 2014

Outline for the course: You Are A Mighty Warrior

Here is the outline for the 9 week course being offered at Real Life Church, Sacramento called, "You Are A Mighty Warrior":

Week 1- A Mighty Warrior Knows (and believes) Who They Are in Christ Jesus.

Week 2- A Mighty Warrior Says: 'No More Excuses'.

Week 3- A Mighty Warrior Knows That The Past Does Not Own Her.

Week 4- A Mighty Warrior Knows the Importance of the Holy Spirit in Making Her A Mighty Warrior.

Week 5- A Mighty Warrior Has to Decide, 'Will I Live My Life My Way, Or God's Way?'

Week 6- A Mighty Warrior Knows That Worship Precedes Her Victory.

Week 7- A Mighty Warrior Does Not Stand Alone In Battle.

Week 8- A Mighty Warrior Is Relentless.

Week 9- A Mighty Warrior Worships God Alone.

We are studying the story of Gideon found in Judges 6,7,8.

Graham Cooke's teaching, "Persona From Heaven" is intertwined with the Bible study making for a powerful experience where we rethink what has been holding us back and how we can press forward into "Kingdom Thinking".

Class started September 16, 2014 and will end November 11th. Drop in anytime. We start at 6pm and are usually finished by 8pm. 

I am leading this study and using this blog as a teaching tool where I will post highlights from the course as well as posting personal testimonies that come out of the class.

You can watch my YouTube videos if you can't be with us in person for the classes. Here is the link:



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