Monday, November 3, 2014

Recognizing, accepting, and believing! -Student Testimony

As I began to read over the list of “Who I am in Christ”, a renewed strength and confidence began to stir within me. I have been praying over a difficult situation for some time, but now I began recognizing, accepting, and believing the authority given me in Christ Jesus. I believe my prayers are now spoken with greater power and as a result, increased effect over the situation. I’m beginning to see God move in subtle ways, enough for me to know I’m on the right track. And that too fuels my faith! The difficult situation has now opened the door to learn how to pray with confidence and greater effectiveness as I stand on the truths of who I am in Christ. A Mighty Warrior needs sharp weapons to fight well – the Word and faith! I’m also learning God meets the need of a Mighty Warrior for strategy, encouragement, and respite.

P.S. When asked to write something, I did my usual - shrug it off, thinking she will forget she asked me! But she didn’t and I finally realized I do this because I often feel no one wants to hear me. Mind you, I’ve been looking over the “Who I am in Christ” versus… I’m obviously a work in progress! I’m so thankful God is faithful and patient to work out Christ in me!


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